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Dust Control by Air Spectrum

Dust Suppression & Dust Control

Air Spectrum manufactures and supplies a full range of dust control and dust suppression equipment offering different delivery mechanisms to suit individual environments and dust suppression requirements, to control dust in outdoor, indoor and localised situations.

Dust Control Systems & Dust Control Equipment

Dust control systems are becoming more prevalent in industry processes and are an important tool when it comes to meeting Occupational Health, Environmental and Health and Safety guidelines; protecting the workforce and reducing site air pollution and emissions. The issues with dust control extend across global market.

Nozzle Line Systems

Nozzle Line System


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Dust Cannons


Dust Spouts


Dust Collectors


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Dust Monitoring


Dust Suppression Additives

Dust Suppression

Dust Suppression Misting Equipment

Air Spectrum Dust Suppression misting equipment delivers a high pressure spray of super-fine water vapour to a designated area as a dust control or odour control measure and can rely on water as a dust suppressant. A range of dust control additives are available to enhance the performance of water.

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The One-Stop Service for any dust control problem

Air Spectrum’s 25 years of expertise in consulting, manufacturing and supplying dust problem solving solutions means your problem is as good as solved. We have a wide range of dust management equipment whatever the scale of the problem.


Our products & services include:

Dust & Fog Cannons

We are distributors of Hennlich dust control and dust suppressing equipment and dust cannons. A dust cannon (dust or fog gun) has a long range and long reach that can suppress dust and odour by producing a column of air or mist that leaves the cannon at high speed and that can travel distances in excess of 50m. When the mist or spray reaches the dust it can pull down up to 90% of the dust. This type of dust suppression is best suited to include building demolition, construction sites, quarries and mines, foundries, steel and slag facilities, waste transfer stations, and recycling plants.

Air Spectrum dust suppression systems can be used with just clean water and without chemical additives (although we have own brand and formula DST dust suppression additives), and can be used to subdue a wide range of dust including: brick, timber, cement, concrete soil, paper, gypsum, ash, biomass, coal, glass, sand, equine and arena dust and most other dust applications.

The Air Spectrum dust suppression systems are designed to work effectively in mixed dust environments including shredding, trommel decks, conveyor transfer points, tanker loading, rail, shipping, stock piling, hopper loading, tipping, air knives, bailers and in open spaces and roadways

Dust Control Systems

Our dust control systems can be portable, mobile or fixed and are available for small sites, installed as a fixed part of a site or retro fitted. Our dust consultants can advise at any stage of planning where dust is an issue.

The Air Spectrum dust control and dust suppression systems can be temporary, permanent, planned or retro-fitted to existing environments including: quarries, mines, aggregate, materials recycling and biomass facilities, demolition and construction, manufacturing, equine and roadways and steel and slag facilities. Dust loading spouts are supplied to cement plants, lime operations, solid fuel power stations, heating plants, coal-cleaning plants, ceramics plants, quarries, mines, chemical factories, agricultural supply and purchase centres, manufacturers of fertilizers, granulation products, pellets and of dry mortar mixtures, building companies, manufacturers of rubble, sand and gravel, food processing plants and aggregate producers.

We supply fixed dust suppression systems, such as our Pacific range of nozzle line systems with up to 500 nozzles. Nozzle line systems use high pressure, multi-nozzle dispersal delivery to a localised area for dust control and dust suppression. The Pacific misting systems can be set to specific days and times with a seven-day timer control. We offer a compressed air system for use in ATEX conditions and most systems have a radio control option.

We also provide mobile solutions such as our Pacific Mobile range, which is trailer mounted and can be taken directly to the source of the dust problem enabling fast deployment and manoeuvrability of an effective nozzle line system.

Keeping Dust Suppressed with Additives

Our DST dust suppression chemical range can be added to further enhance the effectiveness of our machines; by enhancing the dust control properties of water, the DST products allow water molecules to attract more airborne dust particles and trap them safely on the ground or other surfaces.

Bulk and Tanker Loading Spouts

Air Spectrum are UK distributors for Hennlich Engineering. Hennlich designs and manufactures world leading loading spouts for dust-free operation with dry bulk materials. Where loose mass is handled dust tends to leak into the air polluting the area. This dust has a negative effect on the hygiene of the working environment and the safety of operation. Bulk loading spouts eliminate dust, eradicate material losses and increase safety when working with bulk solids. Air Spectrum supplies telescopic loading spouts for dust-free loading of bulk solids into tankers, railcars, trucks, ships and stockpiles.

Dust Cannon in Action

Dust Collectors

Air Spectrum distribute Hennlich dust collectors (filtering equipment) for various industrial applications. Both Low-performance standalone dust collectors designed for local filtration and high-performance modular dust collectors are available. The performance of a dust collector is dependent on the required flow rate.

Dust collectors are available for a range of applications including:

  • storage silos
  • belt conveyor transfer points
  • mines & quarries
  • wood processing
  • Construction and demolition industry
  • coal handling
  • steel & slag glass plants
  • foundries
  • grinding mills

Dust Monitoring

Short and long term health can be affected by personal exposure to dust. Air Spectrum provide Occupational Health Assessments and a range of dust monitors for both boundary and personal applications through their sister company Spectrum Environmental Support. http://www.specenvsupport.com

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Air spectrum are a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending their products and their teams to other companies...

- Josh Westwood, Gestamp Tallent Limited

The after sales has been exceptional and we have opened a service plan agreement with them. As well as the skilled engineers there is also a systematic sales team...

- Robin Evans, Gwynedd Council

Air Spectrum worked to a very tight deadline and fitted the system in less time than I thought possible...

- Tony Collins, Veolia Environmental Services PLC

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