Air Spectrum manufacture and supply dust control and suppression equipment from our manufacturing facility in Worcester UK and in partnership with market leading manufactures such as Hennlich and Idrobase.

Our dust control product range consists of mobile and static control systems for use in industrial and construction environments. We have a complete range of dust control solutions for large and small organisations in all kinds of industries, including quarries and mining, aggregates, cement works, construction & demolition, EFW, the food industry, paper and printing, transport, roadways and the steel industries.

Our technical team have over 20 years’ experience and are specialists. Our team can help you plan and design an installation for a static installation or come out to site to demonstrate and train on mobile equipment. We can design and scale a complete system including planning, design, installation and commissioning, documentation and training.

We can provide rental and sales for mobile equipment all supported by our qualified technicians and engineers.

We believe in providing dust control and suppression systems that contribute to a cleaner, safer and more efficient working environment.

Our partnerships as distributors with Hennlich and Idrobase position us a with a market leading range of solutions enabling Air Spectrum to have a solution for almost any dust issue.


Hennlich are market leaders in dust control

Hennlich are market leaders in dust control and dust suppression equipment

Hennlich Engineering are a global manufacturer, recognised as being specialists in the design and manufacture of dust control equipment. Hennlich manufacture dust canons, dust spouts and dust chutes.

Idrobase manufacture dust control systems

Idrobase are an Italian specialist manufacturer of dust control systems

Idrobase are an Italian manufacturer specialising in the design of industrial misting systems for the control and suppression of dust and odour. Idrobase supply bespoke solutions for misting using nozzle line systems with a range from 12 nozzles to 500 for larger applications.