Dust Collectors

Air Spectrum distribute Hennlich dust collectors (filtering equipment) for various industrial applications. Both low-performance standalone dust collectors designed for local filtration and high-performance modular dust collectors are available. The performance of a dust collector is dependent on the required flow rate.

Dust collectors can be used in all areas where bulk solids are handled.

Most typical applications are:

  • Storage silos
  • Loading of bulk solids into tankers
  • Dedusting of welding or grinding machines etc.
  • Mines and quarries
  • Wood Processing
  • Belt conveyor transfer points
  • Building and construction industry
  • Coal and slag handling
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Foundries
  • Grinding mills

The local dust collector is a box-shaped. In the upper part there are filter cartridges and filter cartridge recovery system.

Silo Collectors

Silo collector series N is primarily designed for dedusting of silos and bunkers that are used for the storage of bulk solids (cement, grain, ash, lime, clinker, food products etc.). 

Silo collectors for silo dust suppression are large cylinder shaped pressure-resistant boxes made of s235 Steel. Silo dust collectors (venting filters) are not equipped with a fan in the basic design.

Filter cartridges are recovered automatically and regularly by JET-PULS.

If the silo collector top filter is not equipped with a fan, the filtered air goes through the hole between the mantle and its cover. 

 Silo collectors are installed directly onto a silo or through a collecting flange.

Other dedusting applications could be as follows:

  • telescopic loading spouts 
    transfer points
    big-bags loading
    welding & brushing operations