Dust Loading Spout

The dust loading spout is designed to eliminate dust and prevent material losses whilst increasing safety when working with bulk solids. Our dust spout range is specifically engineered for the dust free loading of dry bulk solids into trucks, tankers, trains, railcars, ships and stockpiles.

A dust spout offers more than just control of dust pollution. A dust loading spout can prevent penalties by the EA or other authorities,  provide a cleaner working environment, prevent and reduce material losses, increase safety and provide a fast return on investment.

Our dust spout range includes:

Tanker loading spout for dust-free loading of closed railcars, silo vehicles, containers and closed railcars.

Truck and Railcar loading spouts for loading dry bulk solids and dusty products onto trucks, trains and railcars.

Stockpile loading spouts. These telescopic loading spouts are designed for dust free loading of bulk solids and minerals on stockpiles.

Ship loading spouts. These telescopic dust loading spouts are designed for high efficiency loading of dry and bulk solids into ships.

Combined loading spouts. These are telescopic dust loading spouts for loading both trucks, trains and closed tankers.