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Dust suppression additives can be used in the process of dust suppression, enhancing the properties of water to make it more attractive to dust particles. DST is a range of  dust suppressant additives that have  been specially developed to target airborne dust, cleanly fixing it to the ground or other surfaces, leading to a safer and clearer working environment. DST is suitable for application in many situations as dust suppressant additives,  including arenas, dirt roads, conveyors, earthworks, embankments, stockpiles, mining and many other environments.

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dust suppression additives

DST dust suppression additives

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Dst comes in six varieties:

Dst 1 has been specially developed for tackling airborne dust from mining operations and quarries (conveyors), cement works, ore transportation and the food industry.

Dst 2 has been developed for the control of dust released from embankments, ore stockpiles, mining operations and quarries (conveyors) and soil waterproofing. It has been developed for its film-forming, surface-coating properties.

Dst 3 has been specially designed to prevent emissions of dust emitted by vehicular traffic. Dst 3 is a water dispersion of vinyl polymer, and is a very efficient duct compaction and soil binding agent. With the correct dosage, it will form a high resistant and waterproof coating; the crust will resist truck tyres and remain hard without producing any dust for several weeks.

Dst 4 has been designed for various specific applications, such as road constructions, mining operations, quarries and tracks. Its use will reduce the number of passes required in road surface treatment, bringing down the resulting treatment cost.

Dst 5 is an easy-to-use, high quality granular formulation specially designed for use in soil erosion control and water infiltration applications on irrigated soils and surface irrigated crops. This is achieved through the flocculation of unstable fine soil particles.

Dst 6 has been specially developed as an effective dust control product for sandy soil dust and other arena materials. It is an oil-based product and its main applications are riding arenas, race tracks/bridal paths, forest lanes/dirt tracks and garden and park pathways.

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