how Dust Control Jetstream 200 works

The Dust Control Jetstream 200 produces a compressed air stream and produces a very fine mist that is sprayed into the extract ductwork or stack. The mist interacts with the dust particles and neutralises them.


Dust Control Jetstream 200where to use jetstream 200 – key applications

  • Petro-chemical processing plants
  • Food and drinks manufacturing
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Localised external applications


key features

  • Dimensions 1000mm (h) 850mm (w) 425mm (d)
  • Low liquid level indicators
  • Manual on/off control
  • 7 day timer or remote signal system (optional windswitch)
  • IP65 rated enclosure for electrics
  • Auto clean ultrasonic nozzles
  • User adjustable dosing levels
  • Flow rate per nozzle = 1.2m3 per hour
  • 110/240V – 16 amp single phase 3-pin supply
  • 4-10 bar dry compressed air required.
  • 4-8 bar potable water required (Flow = 10 litre per min)
  • CE marked


which jetstream system do i need?

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