ATEX safe dust control


An inherently ATEX safe dust control system for use in ATEX environments, the Jetstream 100 is a small, low-cost misting unit, which is powered by compressed air.

The Jetstream 100 runs on compressed air rather than electricity, so there is no risk of the Jetstream 100 producing a spark, which makes it ‘inherently safe’ and ideal for use where volatile or explosive materials are present, for example in petro-chemical manufacturing processing plants or oil refineries and. The Jetstream 100 can power up to four auto-clean ultrasonic nozzles provide long-life, extra fine atomisation and are block resistant; ideal for controlling dust in an extraction or ductwork system, or in localised external applications.


The Jetstream 200 is an electrically powered, compressed air misting system, driving multiple nozzles to effectively suppress odour in extraction or ductwork systems, for use in misting scrubbers, or in localised external applications. Featuring a 7-day timer, it can also be supplied with pulse control and remote control response facility which can be triggered from an external remote source, such as a windswitch. The Jetstream 200 requires a compressed air and mains electricity supply.