Nozzle line dust control

Nozzle line dust control by pumping water through nozzle line to nozzles,. Spaced at 1 or 2 metres as required, the Pacific system delivers a ‘misting curtain’, effectively suppressing dust.

where to use pacific – key applications

  • Waste transfer stations
  • Landfill sites
  • Composting sites
  • Remediation sites
  • Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs)
  • Construction and demolition sites
  • Effluent treatment plants

key features

  • Up to 250 nozzles
  • Optional 1 or 2 metre nozzle spacing
  • Mains or generator supplied power (240V/415V) required, and mains supplied portable water
  • GRP or stainless steel cabinet
  • Key components housed in an IP65 rated enclosure

features which reduce the need for frequent operator attention, ensuring reduced running and maintenance costs:

  • 7-day timer control
  • Can be controlled by remote signal, for example, by a windswitch
  • Pulse mode

which pacific system do i need?

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