There are several ways to control and suppress dust and good dust suppression equipment is key to dust control.

Most dust management systems utilise dust suppression equipment that creates a mist that can suppress dust and in some cases carry a chemical additive to the source of the problem.

Pacific Nozzle Line Misting System

Misting equipment for the control of dust particles works by the misting nozzles or atomisers providing a high pressure and targeted spray of water vapour to an environment or zoned

nozzle line system area. Potable water can be used with no chemical additives to control and suppress dust.

Where a permanent fix is required,  dust suppression equipment such as our Pacific nozzle line system, with up to 500 nozzles, provides a highly effective dust control system. Nozzle line systems use high pressure, multi-nozzle dispersal delivery to a localised area for dust control and suppression. This misting system has a seven-day timer control and can be set to specific days and times. For ATEX conditions we offer a compressed air system that cannot generate any explosive trigger.

Our nozzle line systems are available as fixed or mobile solutions.

Rotary Atomisers

Rotary Atomisers are an alternative and instead of spraying water under high pressure through nozzles, they use centrifugal force to deliver water as a Rotary Atomizerfinely atomised mist which is in turn projected towards the dust by a rear mounted fan. Rotary atomisers can be regulated to produce a variety of water droplet size to suit individual environments allowing the unit to produce the best sized droplet to tackle dust problems.

Our Rotary Atomisers are available as fixed or mobile solutions.


Dust & Fog Cannons

Our dust cannons have a long reach and a long range and can suppress dust by producing a column of mist that leaves the ‘cannon’ at high speed and that can travel distanc

es in excess of 50m. When the mist or spray reaches the dust it can ‘knock down’ up to 90% of the dust. This type of dust suppression is best suited to building demolition, construction sites, quarries and mines, foundries, steel and slag facilities, waste transfer stations, and recycling plants.

Bulk and Tanker Loading Spouts

Where loose mass and solids are moved, dust tends to leak into the air, polluting the atmosphere and presenting a health risk as well as stock loss.

loading spoutAtmospheric dust of this nature has a detrimental effect on the working environment and the Health and Safety of the work place. Telescopic loading spouts are the number one solution for dust-free loading of bulk solids into tankers, railcars, trucks, ships and stockpiles.

Our Hennlich range of telescopic dust collectors and dust spouts are engineered for bulk loading, eliminating dust and material loss and improving safety. Hennlich loading spouts are designed for loading dry, dusty bulk solids into tankers, stockpiles, trucks, rail cars and ships. (We have ATEX compliant spouts for the shipping industry.)

Air Spectrum distribute Hennlich dust collectors (filtering equipment) for various industrial applications including mines and quarries, contraction and demolition sites, foundries, steel and glass plants and loose bulk solids.